Fuller provides more than one account of what he means by design science, most of which are difficult to paraphrase. The idea that discovery and application of principles is involved (hence "design science") rather than, say, the invention of form, is expressed in section 165.00 of Synergetics and in "A Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science": a 30-page poetic sentence in No More Secondhand God (p.75).

Another place to start is "Prime Design" (Reader, p.341), a short discussion of comprehensiveness and initiative in design. The question of initiative is also raised by Papanek (1971, pp.270, 278).

Another introductory text is the prefatory statement, "What I am Trying to Do", in Earth Inc.

Comprehension of Fuller's notion of Design Science can be developed by considering other strategic concepts, viz. Design Science Revolution, World Service Industries, World Game, and Critical Path.

Also to be considered is "Universal Requirements Of A Dwelling Advantage".

This leads to the field of education and Fuller's list of Design Disciplines, which in itself is indicative of the scope of his conception.

Another avenue to explore is the set of exemplifications or realizations of his concept of livingry: the inventions, architecture, and plans for megastructures.

See also Town Planning.

On a skeptical note, Weinberg (1975) cites Frank Harary's "law" that any field that has the word "science" in its name is guaranteed thereby not to be a science (e.g. Military Science, Political Science, etc.).




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