Earth Inc.


Buckminster Fuller

Anchor Books, 1973.

This collection of essays and other writings includes Telegram to Senator Edmund Muskie, a long poem wherein Fuller argues for a tidal generating project and against petroleum pipelines intruding into the Alaskan wilds.

We also find bold claims for our new century:

"The great aesthetic which will inaugurate the twenty-first century will be the utterly invisible quality of intellectual integrity; the integrity of the individual in dealing with his scientific discoveries; the integrity of the individual in dealing with conceptual realization of the comprehensive interrelatedness of all events..." (p.63)

The book ends with Ten Proposals for Improving the World:

  1. Education Revolution: the highest priority of all
  2. Conversion of World Accounting Systems
  3. Elimination of Property by Making Ownership Onerous
  4. World Democracy by Electronic Referendum
  5. Elimination of All World Sovereignties
  6. Theoretical Exploration through World Game
  7. Realization of Design Science Competence
  8. Recognition of Humanity's Unique Functioning in Universe
  9. Identification of Mathematical Coordinate System of Universe
  10. Philosophical Realization that Physical is not Life




Paul Taylor 2006