Buckminster Fuller, ed. James Meller

London, 1970.

The contents of this invaluable anthology are:

  1. Buckminster Fuller Chronofile
  2. Margaret Fuller's Prophecy
  3. Influences on My Work
  4. Later Development of My Work
  5. I Figure
  6. Energetic Geometry
  7. Fluid Geography
  8. Designing a New Industry
  9. Earth, Inc.
  10. Universal Requirements of a Dwelling Advantage
  11. Design for Survival - Plus
  12. Preview of Building
  13. Total Thinking
  14. The Comprehensive Man
  15. Prime Design
  16. Continuous Man
  17. The Designers and the Politicians
  18. World Planning

Though worth reading, the book is hardly easy reading, as this passage on the meaning of relativity for designers illustrates:

"The everywhere-relative velocities and momentums of interactions, of energetic phenomena of universe, are central to the preoccupations and realizations of the comprehensive designer. The concept of relativity involves high frequency of re-established awareness, and progressively integrating consideration of the respective, and also integrated dynamic complexities of the moving and transforming frame of reference and of the integrated dynamic complexities of the observed, as well as of the series of integrated sub-dynamic complexities, in respect to each of the major categories of the relatively moving frames of reference, of the observer and the observed. It also involves constant reference of all the reciprocating sub-sets to the comprehensive totality of non-simultaneous universe, from which naught may be lost." (p.319)



Paul Taylor 2006