The gist of the eponymous essay in the Reader is that humanity is now entering the phase in history of conscious participation in Nature's anticipatory designs. "Pattern transactions in pure principle" are becoming comprehensible, especially with the advent of Synergetics.

Thus far the chief design initiative has belonged to the military. They have instigated and presided over the astronomical acceleration in the technological production and development seen this century. The social spin-off for enhanced livingry, as conveyed by current design, benefits only 40% of world population. Serving 100% entails a world design revolution, not just the improved design of end-products. Hence Prime Design.

Prime Design encompasses production, distribution, maintenance, search, research, obsolescence replacement, resources recirculation, consumer-traffic patterning controls, and much more besides.

Who pays and how?

"Mass subscriptions to support professional do-gooders are futile."

Prime designing by itself augments wealth.

Who is responsible? See Initiative.



Paul Taylor 2001