This is the theoretical machinery behind all Fuller's thinking about the Universe and about Design Science. In the two large volumes of Synergetics, Fuller expounds a mathematical system which combines topology with vectorial geometry on the basis of 60-degree co-ordination, whereby energy patterns may be conceptualized in whole-number terms.

He insists that this is nothing less than nature's own co-ordinate system, and that synergetics thus equips us to "measure and co-ordinate omni-rationally, energetically, arithmetically, geometrically, chemically, volumetrically, crystallographically, vectorially, topologically, and energy-quantum-wise in terms of the tetrahedron" (Synergetics 201.01).

The main concepts of synergetics which are discussed in this document are as follows:

The other key area of concern is the domain of psychology, given that the subtitle of Synergetics is The Geometry of Thinking.




Paul Taylor 2001