Fuller writes about the history of navigation in Critical Path (pp.229-247). This is also the history of cartography. See also Fluid Geography.

In Earth Inc. (p.9), Fuller generalizes the concept of navigation by considering navigation through contemporary history.

"A cosmic reference chart is obviously necessary for realistic development of popular navigational abilities along the course of economic and social evolution."

The chart referred to here is his Profile of the Industrial Revolution (see Change Curves).

Fuller's naval experience can be seen as partly formative of his eventual conception of Total Thinking (Reader, pp.48-52: "Influences on my Work").

A passage in Critical Path (p.238) discusses the four design systems of naval prognosticating, a tetrahedronal group which can be generalized into comprehensive anticipatory design science.

The other respect in which Fuller's maritime experience contributed to his outlook was the influence of naval architecture.



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