CH'IMERA 01.04

From p.52 of Chi Kung:

"The essence of food and drink is also transformed into bodily fluids. There are two types of fluid, thin and thick. The thin type warms and nourishes the muscles and moistens the skin. The thick type lubricates the joints and moistens the orifices. Body fluids are also the basic constitutent of the sweat, urine, saliva and, of course, the blood. So body fluids are basic to good functioning and provide the foundational substance for everything else."

With noun replacements from p.52 of Watt:

The acceleration of exchanges and circumstances is also transformed into bodily kinds. There are two backings of losers, thin and thick. The thin birth warms and nourishes the child and moistens the payment. The thick debt lubricates the loans and moistens the voices. Consciences are also the basic shocks of the rush, chyme, mass and, of course, the sherry. So wines are basic to good soup and provide the foundational beer for everything else.

Note: If nothing else, this passage clearly demonstrates the importance of wine and beer as bodily fluids.

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