Neoterism is defined as the introduction of new things, especially new words.

On this site, Neoterism becomes a whole new field of knowledge, the cutting edge of alternative realities.

The chief inspiration for this exciting school of research is the legendary Oulipo, creators of unheard-of forms of literature.

It is to be expected that orthodox science, with its blinkered, institutionalized approach to traditional ways of knowing, will be hostile to this far-reaching new body of esoteric enlightenment. This will not retard our steady progress towards fresh, organic ways of speaking and knowing.

The various areas of research, listed below, will be officially established under the aegis of the Neoteric University of Thaumatographic Sciences, whose funding will be in place as soon as the chanting pays off.

"You must, by a sedulous lecture, and frequent meditation, break the bone, and suck out the marrow... with assured hope, that in so doing you will at last attain to be both well-advised and valiant by the reading of them: for in the perusal of this treatise you shall find another kind of taste, and a doctrine of a more profound and abstruse consideration, which will disclose unto you the most glorious sacraments and dreadful mysteries, as well in what concerneth your religion, as matters of the public state, and life economical."

Rabelais, Gargantua and Pantagruel, Prologue to the First Book




Paul Taylor 2003