In the Pangaea era, before the continents lost their primordial unity, spiritual realities were also as one. Nowadays there are more alternative supernatural visions of the world than you can shake a wand at.

To promote the healing of the countless doctrinal splits across the paranormal terrain, we invoke the mythic power of Lewis Carroll's portmanteau method, whereby new unities are created out of the narrow specialisms of alternative speculation.

The first fruit of this wondrous and organically creative method has been crystallized in the form of a poem, which can be used as an incantation for healing purposes: see CONJURATION.

Below are listed the preliminary results of this holistic initiative, arranged according to their natural potency.


enemagnet - iron filings, a pump, and a powerful magnet.

iridowsing - ancient way of finding water, involving eye and stick.

kundaliniment - snake oil.

phrenumerology - bump-counting: enhance your own bump-count by means of a stout stick, preferably made from willow.


reflexicactupuncture - a remarkable blend of therapies from as far apart as Mexico, China and India, this treatment is guaranteed to reach deep into the soul, with the release of vital energies. Place several medium-sized cacti on their sides. Walk barefoot back and forth over the cacti until common sense is restored.

tantrepanacea - yogic cure-all, effected by skull-boring, presumably to let sap out.

Research is continuing as steadily as lunar cycles and licensing hours permit, and we hope to bring you more ROT in due course.


NEOTERISM - new things, new words.



Paul Taylor 2002