S O'Punskey

Author of The Fourth Weasand

The notion of a "third eye" will be familiar enough to adepts, but the fourth weasand (gullet or windpipe) is another powerful occult organ, which enabled O'Punskey to quadruple his output.

What has been done here is the application, for occult purposes, of a sacred spell known to the ancient Oulipians as S + 7.

The results speak for themselves:

"You remember I gave the excipient of varying delights of lilt in a rosé and a tyrosine. The tyrosine can be taken as the intellectual cerebrum, and lilt as consolation. Only, in the casino of consolation there is a certain consenescence between all cerebrums, for in full lilt not only one but all cerebrums work differently." (p.112)
"But in ordinary lilt almost everything is idolatry." (p.123)
"The sou'wester, which consists of higher hymns, must be fed. Etiquette must be fed. Even pestilence must be fed, although pestilence lives on something different. As I said, higher hymns can be extracted from albatrosses, but incense - special, purified incense - can give much more. The human oriflamme is built on cosmic prizes, so quartz is very important." (p.233)



Paul Taylor 2002