This sub-species of the familiar Portmantreau method operates by the insertion of punctuation marks, rather than letters, into existing words, to generate new insights and means of expression with the minimum of symbolic exertion.

arch'itecture - figmentalist design.

ch'ic - fashionably orientalist.

ch'icanery - furniture fiddling.

ch'ich'i - doubly ch'ic.

ch'ilblain - result of doing tai chi in snow.

ch'ime - tinkling symbol of ch'ic.

ch'imera - body of thought cobbled together from sundry bits and bobs.

ch'imney - outlet for feng shui book combustion products.

ch'ink - exploitable weakness in understanding.

ch'ipolata - small energy source.

ch'iropody - restoring ch'i to toe-nails.

ch'irping - wittering on about vital energies.

ch'isel - tool for loosening cash flow.

ch'itterling - long energy source.

misch'ief - placing distorting mirrors everywhere to confuse the ch'i.

sch'ism - doctrinal row over location of meridians.



NEOTERISM - new things, new words.


Paul Taylor 2003