In 1964 Fuller proposed the construction of the Geoscope - a 200ft diameter transparent globe onto which could be mapped Spaceship Earth's resources or events or populations by means of lights and computers.

Smaller versions of the Geoscope were built. They were aligned with the Earth's axis to produce a kind of natural planetarium, whereby one could view the shifting constellations through the skin of the sphere such that the stars' positions in respect of the Geoscope would correspond with their actual positions relative to the Earth itself.

"With Geoscopes locally available around the world, all children experiencing its true celestial-event orientations will feel themselves being rotated around from west to east by the Earth to be shaded from the Sun's light by the rolling-around western horizon."
(Critical Path, p.173)

Fuller intended or expected the Geoscope to be universally used as the visual reference for all hourly news broadcasts everywhere around the Earth.

"Geoscope will spontaneously induce total Earth, total-humanity viewing significance in regard to all our individual daily experiences. It will spontaneously eliminate nationalistic cerebrating."
(Critical Path, p.174)

See Geoscopy.



Paul Taylor 2001