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To make navigating this site easier, please use the "back" facility in the top left-hand corner of the browser, or, for Mac users, by clicking and holding down the mouse, or use the BACK link at the bottom of the page (requires Javascript-enabled browser).

This is suggested because the site is not composed as a linear sequence of pages, but is internally linked in more ways than could be put in a menu. So it is often difficult to pre-determine which page linked to the current page.

Users may also benefit from the browser's "Go" menu, which lists the titles of pages viewed.

Individual pages of interest may be also be "bookmarked" or added to a "favourites" file, so they may be accessed directly on future occasions.

If a scroll bar appears on the right-hand edge of the browser, then part of the page may be invisible until it is scrolled up. These pages all end just after a double line.

Apologies to those for whom this is already familiar.

Any further hints are welcome, and can be sent to the webmaster by clicking on the email address below.


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