Fuller wrote in 1936:

"It has always been obvious that the dynamic life going within a structure is more important than the static structure, but, like so much else that is apparent, this has been generally disregarded, with the result that shelter has been looked upon as an end in itself, and not as a means of life. Once the problem of shelter service has been solved, the mechanical inefficiencies of environmental control will disappear.
'The house will begin to live not by what it brings to the builder, but by what it gives to its occupants, and by what the latter, reciprocally bestow on it. It will become a triumph for the human mind through the human mind' (Theodore Larsen, 1931):
"a place in which to live free from worry, free to explore, free to devise, include, refine, free to compose and synchronize." (Nine Chains, p.16)



Paul Taylor 2001