In this region of the site, we will explore various views of this wondrous phenomenon.

"The proposition that symptoms vanish when their unconscious antecedents have been made conscious has been borne out by all subsequent research; although the most extraordinary and unexpected complications are met with in attempting to carry this proposition out in practice. Our therapy does its work by transforming something unconscious into something conscious, and only succeeds in its work in so far as it is able to effect this transformation."

Sigmund Freud - A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis, c.1919, p.291.

"The crowning paradox of psychoanalysis is the near-uselessness of its insights. To "make the unconscious conscious" - the program of psychoanalytic therapy - is to pour water into a sieve. The moisture that remains on the surface of the mesh is the benefit of analysis."

Janet Malcolm - In The Freud Archives, 1997, p.25



Paul Taylor 2002