Fuller reckoned that humanity would perish on Spaceship Earth if the sovereignty of nations were not abandoned.

"The first step in bringing about the desovereignization will be the closing of the gaps in the world electric power grid." (Critical Path, p.202)

In 1969 Fuller presented his integrated, world-around, high-voltage electrical-energy network plan. The ideas was to span the Bering Straits, linking the Alaskan and Canadian grids to that of Russia, which had just been extended to Siberia and Kamchatka.

"The proposed network would interlink the daylight half of the world with the night-time half.

"Electrical energy integration of the day and night regions of the Earth will bring all the capacity into use at all times, thus overnight doubling the generating capacity of humanity because it will integrate all the most extreme night and day peaks and valleys. From the Bering Straits, Europe and Africa will be integrated westwardly through the USSR and China, SE Asia and India will be integrated southwardly through the USSR. Central and South America will be integrated southwardly through Canada, the USA and Mexico."

In addition, Fuller proposed that,

"windmills installed around the world converting their direct current into alternating current and feeding the electric energy into the world network can harvest the planet Earth's prime daily energy income source - the wind - and adequately supply all the world's energy needs." (Critical Path, p.208)

This scheme is still being promoted: the Global Energy Network International exists to promulgate the ideas and potentials of Fuller's Grid.



Paul Taylor 2001