To understand geodesic domes it is advisable to consult the introductory section of Synergetics.

The domes are networks of spherical triangles formed by the intersections of great circle lines (geodesics).

In practical terms, the structural properties of geodesic domes mean that they are extremely resistant to internal or external stresses. The higher the frequency of triangular subdivisions, the less vulnerable is the whole structure to mechanical stress. This is because any pressure applied to a given point in the structure, say a weight applied to the top of the dome, is immediately distributed symmetrically outwards from that point and is then counteracted by rings of struts which are tensed in reaction to the force.

For information about particular domes, see Ford Rotunda Dome, Kaiser Dome, Kabul Dome, Expo' 67 Dome and Spruce Goose Dome.

Recent domes include those at the Eden Project.



Paul Taylor 2001