Buckminster Fuller

Impact, 2nd edition, 1983.

Apart from one section, Mistake Mystique, this book is written in Fullerian free verse, and covers the full range of his thinking, with emphasis on psychological concerns like intuition, including his ruminations on the mind-brain relation. Many of these are unfortunately less than convincing, as is for example, his persistent tendency to take a teleological view of life:

But evolution is apparently intent
that life in Universe
must survive.

Natural selection, understood as an algorithmic mechanism, supplants teleological explanations in biology (see Dennett - Darwin's Dangerous Idea).

Even worse, perhaps, is the wild speculation (p.204) that our eyes may be the tools of telepathy:

It may be true
that our eyes are electromagnetic-wave transceiving relays.

See Krauss for a physicist's view. It may seem overly harsh to condemn speculations in a poem, of course, but it must be said that this aspect of Fuller's thinking chimes very poorly with his general advocacy of scientific values.




Paul Taylor 2006